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When a natural disaster occurs, fire, flood, earthquake or hurricane, homes are destroyed and possessions are lost. This is an overwhelming situation to say the least. Insurance coverage and various government agencies are there to help victims rebuild their lives.


When the house and its contents are replaced there is one thing that is missing. Those cherished photographs of loved ones. These are precious memories that cannot be replaced, your child at birth, their high school prom, and graduation photos all gone.


That’s why we’ve designed the Restoral Project, a program to restore and archive photos of your loved ones so that even if you suffer from a devastating calamity your photos and memories will be safe.  When the dust settles you call us and we’ll send your cherished photos to you to be placed back in your home.


In addition to this program we also offer the Remembrance Project. This is a video project that we undertake to record your senior family members as they discuss their life, saving their image, likeness and voice for your to cherish and share with future generations of your family.


How fantastic would it be to share your great grandmother or father with your children, not only in photographs but also in HD video?  We are aware of the explosion of cell phone video and that you could probably do something similar. Consider this, we change phones, they are broken, lost or stolen and the video is lost. We can take your videos and incorporate them into what we record giving you a cherished heirloom that you will treasure for years to come.  All kept archived and ready to be returned to you in the case of an unfortunate disaster.


Family History Project


The family history project was developed to allow families to chronicle their family history in book form. Families gather their treasured family photos scan and place them in a secured folder which will allow us to create a family heirloom to be cherished for generations to come. The book can be formatted in hard or soft cover and even digital formats, whatever works best for you. Contact us today for more details.





















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